Do you need specialist IT support?

At EiS Kent, our passion is to make a real difference in education and ultimately children’s lives by providing innovate solutions and outstanding support service. We can install, host and support tailored IT infrastructure, hardware and software services for all schools settings.

What can we offer?

  • IT Support Solutions
  • Cloud Services
  • Technical Design & Managed Services
  • Training & Events

Why EiS?

We are a leading supplier of IT services in the County, offering robust security systems and full compliance with e-safety recommendations and data protection laws. We aim to be "the IT Department" for our Primary and Special School customers and a trusted and responsive supplier for our Secondary and Academy school customers, offering objective advice and support to their on-site IT teams.

Did you know?

  • In 2015, 97% of our customers rate EiS Kent service as excellent or good
  • 80% of our customers rate our service as excellent or good value for money
  • EiS Kent receives over 170 support calls on an average day and resolves over 75% within 8 hours
  • Over half of our SIMS customers use our reliable and trusted data back-up service
  • 80% of Kent Primary Schools use KLZ to collaborate and share resources
  • In the last academic year, EiS Kent delivered over 150 training courses and 50 seminars covering topics from SIMS, Office and network performance monitoring

For more details about our services, call us on 0300 065 8800 or email sales@eis.kent.gov.uk